Open Day July 15th

Our annual open day will be on Sunday July 15th from 1:30 to 4:30pm. Sorry about the short notice!

Everyone is welcome to come along and look round the plot, see what we’re doing, and talk about growing food. There will be tea and cake!

Open Day refreshments

We have a gazebo to keep the cake dry in case of rain, so don’t be put off by showers.

Hope to see you there.

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One Response to Open Day July 15th

  1. Ryota says:

    I have been growing my faimly’s own food for quite a few years now. I live on a postage stamp size trailer house lot, and produce 75% of my own food to feed 2 plus 2 elderly parents, and barter produce and herb transplants for my staples.I can, freeze and dehydrate most. I grow herbs, and veggies in very large plastic pots with drainage hole sliced in.It is not hard, just make sure your soil is ammened with good mellow compost or worm castings which is what I use.It is a learning experience, and you will succeed and fail for the first few years, you have to try to see what veggies do good for you. Just keep trying and do not give up. A good web site to follow in the US is the Path to Freedom site, ( This faimly has been urban homesteading for many years and have made it successful but was not done over night.Much success in your adventures!

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