We’re going to need a bigger tea pot….

Is this a record? By the time we sat down for tea this afternoon there were eight of us at the allotment. It wasn’t a tea party, or a barbecue. or a Christmas special, or any of the other occasions which bring out the crowds, just a normal Saturday afternoon work session. I have been going to the allotment since 2006(ish) and I can’t remember a normal Saturday when that many people turned up. Allotment elders who were quizzed were similarly stumped and so it appears it may indeed be a record (no doubt someone will be along in the comments section later to say they remember a blazing hot Saturday in 2005 when there were thirteen people there, and a dog, so just to preempt that, I’ll say it now – show me the evidence or take a walk).

Although there were eight of us at the plot today, none of us was naked. Not that surprising, you are probably thinking, but today was World Naked Gardening Day (yes, it is a thing, see here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Naked_Gardening_Day). I must admit I wasn’t aware of the fact until Kirsty sent us all an email containing a picture of herself doing some naked gardening by way of celebration (which came as a bit of a surprise, as you can imagine). At least I assume it was her. The person in the picture was facing away from the camera and wearing a hat but still, she looked vaguely familiar. Perhaps Kirsty will be along later to clear this one up for us.

Returning to the issue of the record turnout. The only potential downside of this is that we may, as the title indicates, need a bigger tea pot (and extra biscuits). Eight cups of tea doesn’t leave more than a cup to spare in the current pot and while Sam was quick to snaffle it today, Barney won’t make the same mistake twice. Without a bigger pot we risk a dangerous spiral of tea-racing, as people rush to drain their cups in order to secure the last drops in the pot. Given the attendant risks of scalding, spillage and, possibly, hiccups, a bigger tea pot would seem to be a necessity from a health and safety point of view. Still, it’s a small price to pay for the benefit the extra hands bring. Next week, the AGM!


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