Oh Deer!

Firstly, an apology to my seven readers for my recent absence from these pages. I would like to be able to say that this was due to a near-fatal illness or my role in a major undercover operation rooting out Russian spies, but sadly it is just down to laziness and incompetence. Anyway, better late than never. And on the upside, it’s an allotment, so stuff doesn’t happen that fast. It’s not as though you missed an episode of The Bodyguard and will be hopelessly confused for the rest of the series as a result.

Anyway, I wrote ironically a couple of months ago about missing the Llama. Well now it’s not ironic. We really do miss the Llama, because in its absence the deer which turned up to nibble a bit of gooseberry bark has become a regular visitor, and now it brings its mates. While the result is not quite on a par with a plague of locusts it does amount to a steady degradation of a variety of allotment produce. In particular, we had virtually no autumn raspberries this year and the canes of next year’s summer raspberries are looking in a pretty sorry state already.

Nor is it clear that there is a great deal that can currently be done about this. Evidently the deer can clear the existing allotment fence. The council obviously have no money whatsoever to help out with the building of a higher one and its not clear that the allotment holders themselves have the means to step in and pay for one.  I wonder how much it costs to buy a Llama?

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