BBQ 2: This time it’s serious

Summer not, apparently, being over, Andrew suggested another barbecue. Despite there being no established precedent for holding two barbecues in two weeks, the general consensus was in favour, perhaps spurred on by the thought that it is 42 years since the last summer like this one and that for most of us hoping to be around in another 42 years might be considered a touch optimistic.

Barney and Linda were back from their travels and Nick, Vilma and Jessica came along, so we were more than quorate. Vilma even brought her own travelling barbecue kit (!). It came in flat metal box of the kind you usually see assassins assembling their custom-designed sniper rifles from in movies and was received with a combination of respect and fear (from the males who usually do the barbecuing who suddenly realized they were going to be under the scrutiny of a professional).

In the event, Vilma couldn’t have been nicer, and politely kept whatever she thought about our barbecuing skills to herself. Indeed there was a great deal of ‘after you Claude’ and careful avoidance of getting on each others toes around the barbecue as she, Andrew and I got on with the cooking. Vilma’s only practical concern appeared to be wasps, though as we kept pointing out, the things she was worried about were actually hoverflies. I’m not sure we convinced her though.

After a while, possibly prompted by some observation about contributions to the barbecuing effort, Kirsty announced that she and Sam would now take over. Sam was sober enough to recognize this as being a bad idea and sought to object, but Kirsty won the day. We were consequently granted 15 minutes of them taking selfies and complaining about the injustice/unwisdom of menopausal women going near barbecues while the last pile of sausages were cooked (more or less).

A good time, in short, was had by all and we finished off with a slice of delicious redcurrant cake produced by Linda as part of her ongoing project to work out what to do with the great mass of redcurrants that this summer has thus far produced.

Happily, it was a Sunday, so when the wine ran out we just went home.

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