Spring Continues!

In an unexpected turn of events, Saturday 21st of April turned out to be just as pleasant as the previous one, and no one had decided to light a bonfire this time. Unsurprisingly, the sun had brought people out and the allotment was as busy as I have seen it this year. Indeed, so pleasant was it that I even wore my shorts (you need to make the most of it after all, and the more sun you can absorb while its out the less chance there is of getting rickets, which is no small consideration given Horwich’s weather).

Linda was working on clearing the greenhouse of the usual detritus which builds up over the course of the gardening year. In the course of doing so she discovered a significant quantity of sand, which posed a conundrum as no sand was used in constructing the greenhouse. The conclusion reached was that the sand had been relocated by a mole tunneling under the patio (where sand was used) and then emerging in the greenhouse. Whether a sinkhole is now developing under the patio we will have to wait and see.

Sam and I concentrated on planting the last of the potatoes and doing a bit of weeding and then it was time for tea. In addition to dark chocolate digestives (reduced to a £1 in Sainsburys) Linda had made a rye apple cake. This was excellent, despite Linda’s concerns, though it also provoked an entertaining discussion about possible improvements – more tart apples, raisins (maybe soaked in Calvados), some kind of syrup to fix the demerera sugar to the top so it didn’t all fall off when you eat it and so on. Satiated, it was time for Sam and I to head off, as we had a wine tasting to go to. It’s a hard life.

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