Welcome to the New Website!

The new website is now up on the server. Here’s how things work:

  • If you have any suggestions for improvements to the site, let me know.
  • The News page shows the latest posts. Anyone can comment on posts, but if you haven’t commented before, your reply won’t appear until I approve it. Anything nasty will be deleted!
  • Only people with a username and password can post News items. Initially this is just the committee, but if you would like to write about the plot, let me know and I’ll sign you up.
  • There are various options for posts, but you can ignore most of them if you like. The most useful is Format: Standard is for normal posts with text & pictures, Aside is for short text comments, and Gallery is for posts that are mostly photos.
  • The Calendar is automatically updated from Linda’s & my shared allotment calendar and to-do list. If you think of any jobs or events, let one of us know.
  • The Gallery shows all the photos that anyone has ever posted. Keep posting photos! Ideally, resize them to no more than 1024×1024 before uploading them, so that we don’t run out of space too quickly.

Let me know what you think!


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6 Responses to Welcome to the New Website!

  1. Linda Haslehurst says:

    Can I do fancy fonts etc?

    • Barney says:

      In comments, you can can use the tags listed below the comment box, including emphasise italic strike links, etc.
      In posts you can do quite a lot more: there are buttons along the top of the box for most of the things you can do, or you can edit the HTML directly.
      Actual fancy fonts are more of a problem, because they may not exist on the reader’s computer. I had to put a copy of Papyrus on the server.

    • Andrew says:

      I can’t delete posts… or edit.

      What I meant to say was:

      What about using the WP Smush.it API to automatically optimise uploaded images?

    • Barney says:

      I’ll have a look. Their T&Cs don’t look too bad (except they say they might charge in future) but I don’t know how much their recompression will actually save. I’ll try it on a file or two.

      Looks like you can edit your posts but not comments!

      • Andrew says:

        Yes. I meant comments. This is all foreign to me.

        The two files I tried were reduced by 12% without loss of quality.

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